Carbon Offset Initiative

Carbon Offset Initiative

Companies save energy, cut costs and increase their economic value

Hello good morning, my dear followers, it’s always fun for me to present news to readers from the world of blockchain and introduce innovation. Hundreds of new projects appear every day in the blockchain world. I join the project for you and share real life projects with serious potential. Today, we plan to discuss our project:   Carbon Offset Initiative   . In addition to being a good investment tool, this tool presents solutions that can make a significant contribution to nature and the future of the world.What Issues Affect the World’s Future?Our world is losing its natural structure day by day. According to research, if we don’t find a realistic solution in the next 10 years, our world will become hotter and drier and become an uninhabitable place for future generations. I talk about global warming, which is a common problem for all people who live in this world. The main gases that cause global warming are generally carbon-based gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Diazotoxide (N2O), Ozone (O3), Carbon monoxide (CO) and Halocarbon (CFC). As you know, we have an ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful sunlight and these gases cause the ozone layer to be damaged. When the ozone layer is damaged, our world absorbs more sunlight.Another side effect of carbon-based gases is that they protect the sun’s rays from the atmosphere. In the solar system, the closest planet to the sun is mercury, while the hottest planet is Venus because gas captures sunlight and causes it to heat up. The surface temperature on Venus is more than 500 ° C. We quickly move towards becoming a warm planet like Venus. Carbon emissions in our world have reached unimaginable dimensions for industrial development. The amount of carbon emitted into nature causes our world to heat up quickly and drought. As long as the trees are not affected by drought, the ratio of CO2 – Carbon Dioxide increases and our world becomes warmer. If we don’t find a quick solution in the coming years, our world will soon become a truly dry planet like Venus.What is the purpose of the Carbon Offset Initiative?The Carbon Offset Initiative is   an environmental and humanitarian project that aims to monitor and reduce carbon emissions using Blockchain technology. By utilizing Blockchain’s superior features, it aims to reduce waste carbon emissions and leave a better world for the future by managing waste properly. He believes that the solution to the problem cannot be achieved through the efforts of one organization or community, but through humanitarian monitoring and reduction of waste production.There are already companies that are working to take action on the amount of carbon emissions, but they cannot be effective because they are inadequate during the follow-up phase. Because the effective structure of the block chain has the ability to follow every step of the process, the project is built on the blockchain. The Carbon Offset Initiative   plans to improve efficiency by monitoring waste collection from different units and locations, monitoring processes and reducing waste more widely by using recycling more effectively.How Does   Carbon Offset Initiative   Monitor Carbon Release?The Carbon Offset Initiative   will create an ERC-20 based token that allows smart contracts to work on Ethereum units, which allows the entire process to be monitored. With a smart contract ecosystem to be built, every transaction made via satellite will be recorded. After an effective transformation, the future of the world and all humanity and investors will get money.We need environmental projects for a better future. If you want to know more about this project, you can use the link below. If there is a question mark in your mind about the project, you can contact me through my contact address to discuss.COI, short for Carbon Offset Initiative, reflects our intentions and the specific results we strive for: balancing carbon by optimizing the bunker-fuel cycle to energy and managing waste and emissions. This optimization process makes the carbon reduction in fuel oil negative, because unlike crude oil, it does not need to be explored, extracted, refined or transported, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

  • Synopsis project

Industry, information, consumption and global economic growth create a huge burden on the environment of our planet and sustainable development in the future.However, one thing that everyone seems to underestimate is that we live on a planet with limited physical resources, and we use it beyond any reason and produce more waste and emissions.At the same time, legal requirements to track and prove complete disposal or destruction of waste that cannot be recycled, as well as to reduce emissions, are becoming stricter and more stringent throughout the world. Increasing waste production poses serious challenges for proper tracking and disposal.Scientists, industrialists, and governments are trying to solve problems related to waste and emissions. Despite the lack of time, global problems like this are solved locally, this is too slow.INITIAL DECISION OFFSET CARBONHaving rich experience in waste treatment, we are very involved in the reality of water treatment processes and oily slopes. There are three main problems for companies and shipping owners:

  1. Is the disposal work carried out legally, on time, and efficiently for a certain amount?
  2. Are the parties involved paid in accordance with the agreement and the minimum cash payment?
  3. Are we overpaid (hidden theft)?


With our extensive experience in waste recycling, we have been very involved in the reality of the process of recycling oily and dirty water. There are three main problems for companies and shipping owners:Is the recycling work carried out legally, on time, and with quality for the amount provided?Are the parties involved paid in accordance with the agreement and the minimum payment in cash?Have we paid more (hidden theft)?After we identified control problems as the main cause of illegal spills and fuel theft, we have found an efficient, easy-to-implement and operated solution for remote monitoring of bunkers and waste management (figure 1) based on blockchain. Our solution has two layers, hardware consisting of measurement and telecommunications devices, and software.The COI platform can be adapted to the needs of the ship owner (emissions, speed, positioning, weather, etc.)About Tokens, the internal project of Tokens is COI. This is the ERC20 standard and is based on Ethereum. COI tokens provide holders with emissions tracking and waste management solutions. Pre ICO / IEO (100%)

  • Stage 1 (39%) – 21,428,857 COI = $ 1,500,000. 50% discount. Price for 1 token – $ 0.07
  • Stage 2 (46%) – 25,610,204 COI = $ 2,500,000. 30% discount. Price for 1 token – $ 0.098
  • Stage 3 (15%) – 8,403,361 COI = $ 1,000,000. Discount – 15%. Price for 1 token – $ 0,119

 The sales period is from 10 October 2019 to 9 January 2020. The minimum fee is $ 5,000,000. Maximum collection amount is $ 46 952 101 Distribution Tokens:

 71% – ICO2% – Partners2% – Advisory2% – Meritocracy18% – Team5% – Treasury Distribution of results:

  23% – Operations + management15% – Legal issues + regulations 5% – Reserve Funds 14% – Sales + Marketing32% – Research + Development 11% – General +

Roadmap for Carbon Reduction Initiatives


Jean-Christophe Wautrin Business
and political leader must understand that the environment is not expenditure, but investment.
Co-founder and CEO
“The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
Director of
finance YAC Bagri
“Most people miss opportunity because they wear and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison
DESSY Todorov
Protecting the environment is not a choice, but an instinct to survive.
JOSE LAMAS-WALVERDE technical director
“There is nothing like that”. “When we throw something away, it has to go somewhere. – Annie Leonard
Susan Strem
Business Finance Consultant
“We live on this planet, as if we have one to move.” – Terry Suringen
Strategy Advisor
“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; We borrowed it from our children “- Native
American CASH tells
Ravan Shipping Adviser
” We don’t want to protect the environment, we want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need to be protected “
UN Representatives and NGOs
” Green is the main color of the world from which enchantment appeared ”- Pedro Calderon de la Barca
Crypto Trading Expert
“We don’t need to participate in grandiose heroic actions to participate in change. Small actions, if multiplied by millions of people, can change the world. – Howard Zinn
THERE is Huang
Digital Media Manager
“Buy less, choose the good” – Vivienne Westwood
“Humans are destroying planet Earth, as if we have reserves of” planet B “. It is the responsibility of our generation to make this place better, so that our children go to an unknown space because of scientific curiosity, and not despair. “

See the link below for more details:

Linkedin:    https: // www / company / carbon-offset-initiative / about /
WhitePaper:    https: // joint initiative .io / wp-content / uploads / 2019/10 / v1.2-COI-WP.pdf
Medium :;u=2653694

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