game platform based on ethereum blockchain with DAB tokens

The blockchain technology is a discovery that creates a decentralized network based on peer-to-peer network protocols, which allows every computer on the network to be a server, making a big difference to conventional centralized networks.

2013 marked an important milestone for a breakthrough in blockchain technology development: the birth of the Ethereum (ETH) platform created by Vitalik Buterin – Russian developer. He has succeeded in bringing Blockchain technology to a new level when integrating Smart Contracts into the current Blockchain protocol, now known as Blockchain 2.0 or the Blockchain Utility.

Dabanking is a game platform based on ethereum blockchain with DAB tokens as official tokens to trigger transactions on that platform. After Dabanking has finished building their own blockchain, the DAB token will eventually be exchanged. A limited number of two hundred million DAB tokens will be provided and one can only use the mining wallet to get it. Even other teams or third parties cannot have access to DAB tokens other than the use of mining wallets.

To mine, the DAB token, people need to buy what is called on the Dabanking platform as a “treasury package”. These packages range from a minimum of ETH valued at $ 200 to a maximum of $ E000 worth $ 5000. The amount of ETH obtained will be based on the price on the coinmarketcap at the time the transaction is being processed. Because of the volatility of cryptocurrency, it will be very difficult to have fixed prices in ETH to buy treasury packages. As a result, if the ETH price changes during the deposit and confirmation time, it will also have a direct impact on the package value. However, if the change in ETH price exceeds 3% of the initial deposit, the order will fail and the paid ETH will be returned to the user to restart the entire process.


The purpose of the dabankingg platform is to build a game ecosystem based on Dapp, with the aim of providing one of the best services for the community and game enthusiasts. Distributed application (dApps) is an open source software application that works on P2P computer networks but takes its strength from blockchain technology. the fact that DApps cannot be controlled by any legal entity makes this platform interesting. Dapps are more flexible, stable, autonomous, and safe than traditional applications because they are not centralized.

Token DAB is a token that will run the DABANKING platform and DAB is used as a token platform for the development of the DABANKING community. Remember, DABANKING plans to make their own blockchain and when this is finally done, this DAB token will be exchanged in the nearest future with the DABANKING blockchain from the ETHEREUM blockchain.

This swap is expected to occur when the DABANKING blockchain is finally launched. 
Interestingly, the DAB token has a total supply of 200 million DAB tokens and users can only obtain DAB tokens through the mining process on the DABANKING platform. It is very serious that even DABANKING Developers cannot obtain DAB tokens by other means except through the use of MINING WALLET to mine DAB tokens.


In mining successfully the DAB tokens, there are some things that are expected from users who are interested in mining. 
First, users are asked to buy what is called “TREASURY PACKAGED”. This treasury package can be purchased with a minimum ETH amount of $ 200. Also in accordance with the policy of the Developer, users can purchase up to a maximum of $ 5,000 worth of treasury packages.

I want you to know that the TTRESURI PACKAGE is calculated when users deposit ETH and ETH is confirmed by the blockchain. That means the ETH stored for the TREASURY PACKAGE must be confirmed before the value can be calculated. if there is a price increase between the time the ETH Deposit user and the ETH Time are actually confirmed, that means the TREASURY PACKAGE value will increase accordingly. And if there is a decrease in the price of ETH the price of the TREASURI PACKAGE will also reduce but the reduction does not exceed 3%. If the ETH price decreases by more than 3%, the deposit will fail and the user will be asked to start the deposit again.



In exploiting DAB tokens, there are 3 types of energy wallets needed, namely:


When TREASURY PACKAGED is activated, the GOLD WALLET will add 800% of the package value paid by the user and the GREEN wallet will add 200% of the package value to the first package purchase and also add 100% of the package value to the second package and so on. 
This is an example of how it works, if the user buys a $ 1000 TREASURY PACKAGE for the first time, that user will have $ 8000 in the GOLD WALLET and will have $ 2000 in his GREEN WALLET for the first time buying his GREEN WALLET. The MINING DEPARTMENT package is designed so that every day you will receive 0.5% of the GREEN WALLET value and the amount in the GREEN WALLET will decrease every day after deducting the amount flowing through the MINING WALK the day before.

obtained L7.png


For example: If you buy the Treasury Package for the first time at a value of $ 1000, you will have $ 8000 in the “Gold Wallet” and $ 2000 in the “Green Wallet” for the first purchase. Every day “Dompet Penambangan” will receive 0.5% of the value of “Green Wallet” and “Green Wallet” will decrease every day after deducting the amount that flows through “Dompet Penambangan” the previous day.

Meaning: You buy your $ 1000 package and your “Green Wallet” has $ 2000. 
The first day: 0.5% of $ 2000 is $ 10 will flow through the “Mining Wallet” and “Green Wallet” remaining $ 1990 
Day 2: 0.5% of $ 1990 is $ 9.95 will flow through the “Mining Wallet” and the “Green Wallet” remaining $ 1980.05 
Day 3: 0.5% from $ 1980.05 is $ 9,90025 will flow with the remaining $ 1970,14975 from the Mining Wallet and “Green Wallet” 
this will continue like that every day until the “Green Wallet” changes to 0.


DAB mining is an interesting adventure and there are other things you need to know about it to maximize the benefits, please use the link below.


90% of the DAB Token Backup Fund

3% marketing

3% product development

2% Partner (exchange, Advisor…)

2% Backup Token (Exchange DAA…)

Every time you receive an ETH or DAB Token, the Smart Contract reserve fund will immediately lock 90% and extract 10% into the developer’s funds to implement the item.


Dabankingg moves its entertainment services to the Decentralized Application Platform, introducing users to the next generation of in-game technology. The project development team has developed a long-term strategy to get the best banking services for millions of customers. The road map below is given in detail.


As a result, this will enable you to make money by playing DABANKINGG, which will attract gamers. When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will declare the blockchain itself. If you want to learn more about this project, visit the following page.


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